TMT-ST10 Solder Tip Tester

1 Year Warranty - $624.75

TMT-ST10 Solder Tip Tester
RoHS Compliant

The TMT-ST10 is a three-in-one tip tester, providing tip temperature measurement, tip to ground resistance and tip to ground AC voltage leakage.Test data can be easily saved to memory and exported for data analysis.

Data save and export
Lightweight and easy to use
Accurately test tip temperature
Accurately test tip to ground resistance and tip to ground AC leakage


Input Line Voltage: DC 9V Battery
Temperature Test Range 0°C - 600°C / 32°F - 1200°F
Resolution 1°C / 1°F
Accuracy 1% ±3°C / ±6°F
Resistance Test Range 0 - 100 mV (AC)
Resolution 0.1 mV (AC)
Accuracy ± (3%+2 Bytes)
Voltage Test Range 0 - 100 Ω
Resolution 0.1 Ω
Accuracy ± (1%+2 Bytes)
Thermal Sensor: K Type Thermocouple
Size (W x H x D): 85mm x 175mm x 48mm
Weight: 0.35 KG
LCD Display: 48mm x 26.5mm
USB Port: Mini USB Port
Data Storage: 32,640 Events


Thermaltronics TMT-ST10 CE Certified 


TMT-ST10 Solder Tip Tester
ST-CABLE-1 Mini USB Data Cable
ST-SNSR-1 Temperature Sensors (10 Pack)
ST-GWIRE-X1 Ground Wire
1ST-GWIRE-1 = EU Plug, ST-GWIRE-2 = US Plug, ST-GWIRE-3 = CN Plug


TMT-ST10 Software Functionality