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Thermaltronics is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Soldering Products & Accessories used in the electronics manufacturing industry. Design and development is undertaken in the USA and Australia, with final production taking place in a customised manufacturing facility, incorporating specialised equipment and in accordance with recognised international standards of quality and compliance.

In addition to the modern factory, Thermaltronics maintains an office & warehouse in New York State, commercial offices in Hong Kong and a Distribution Sales Office in Perth Australia.

Thermaltronics embraces both strict quality control and conformance with International Manufacturing Standards, is in compliance with ISO 9000 & ISO 14000 and holds certification in TuV, GS, NRTL & CE.

Product warranties are among the best in the industry and distribution of the company’s products is available worldwide.

Thermaltronics Induction Soldering Stations

To research, develop and manufacture products related to power and thermal demand requirements.

Increased Productivity
Cost Reduction

With today’s delicate and complex electronic assemblies, temperature accuracy is a consistent challenge. Component density, lead size and thermally sensitive components all combine to increase process control demands, criteria which many systems fail to meet.

Thermaltronics CHT (Curie Heat Technology) is different, it responds to the thermal demands of each solder joint by adjusting the power instantaneously, thereby meeting the exact requirements of the substrate component and solder material.

Thermaltronics hand soldering products, which incorporate the unique Curie Heat Technology, for precise temperature control, include both 13.56 MHz and 470 KHz power supplies and are fully compatible with competitive product offerings.

In addition to the hand soldering product line, Thermaltronics also provides an extended range of accessories to support both production and rework applications.

These products include, convection rework systems, IR underboard heaters, fume extraction, test equipment, solder wire feeders, tip cleaning systems and an innovative SOLDERING ROBOT, incorporating vision and mapping, fiducial marks, dynamic laser height control and intelligent software.

In developing the Soldering Robot, Thermaltronics first studied the way in which human operators undertake the soldering process and then replicated these actions in the functionality of the system.

Unlike typical Cartesian robots the Thermaltronics TMT-9800S Soldering robot incorporates design concepts and precision components to ensure accuracy and repeatability.

Features include:

Dual Arm, Six Axis soldering Robot
Intelligently compensates for PCB variance
Image Recognition and Mapping system
Utilizes Fiducial Marks for Accuracy
Dynamic Laser Height Control
Lifetime Software Upgrade
Uses Curie Heat Technology for Precise Temperature control

Thermaltronics is an industry leader in innovative solutions for soldering.

Thermaltronics ISO9000 Certified  Thermaltronics ISO14000 Certified  Thermaltronics TUV CE Certified  Thermaltronics TUV NRTL Certified  Thermaltronics TUV GS Certified