TMT-HA600 Hot Air Rework Tool

1 Year Warranty - $454.25

TMT-HA600 Hot Air Rework Tool
ESD Safe  RoHS Compliant

The TMT-HA600 hot air tool uses a large diaphragm pump and a high power 1300W heater, designed to work on more difficult applications, in the removal and reflow of surface mount components.

Fast heating and temperature recovery
Simple controls allows easy adjustment
Uses HTN Series Hot Air Nozzles
Digital display with easy-to-adjust temp and airflow


Input Line Voltage: TMT-HA600-1 100-110 VAC
  TMT-HA600-2 220-240 VAC
Power: 1300 Watts
Temperature Range: 100 °C - 480 °C
Pump: Diaphragm
Airflow (Max) 23L / min
Fuse: TMT-HA600-1 250V 15A
  TMT-HA600-2 250V 8A
Size (W x H x D): 188mm x 127mm x 246mm
Weight: 3.00 KG


Thermaltronics TMT-HA600 CE Certified  Thermaltronics TMT-HA600-1 ETL Certified 


TMT-HA600 Hot Air Tool
HTN-D50 Nozzle 5.0mm (0.20")
HTN-D80 Nozzle 8.0mm (0.31")
HTN-D10 Nozzle 10.0mm (0.39")
HTN-D120 Nozzle 12.0mm (0.47")
HA-HE600 Heating Element